"A small donation will feed a child for seven days."

"We need help. "You can make a difference


When making a donation to this Foundation is it deductible from my taxes?

! YES, OF COURSE! as permitted by law.

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Today, many families have children who attend their schools without having something to eat for breakfast, and many go to bed at night without receiving dinner. The malnutrition problem that affects many of these children sometimes prevents them from concentrating on their studies. On the other hand, many schools have staff who also suffer from malnutrition. The situation has become increasingly alarming and we are needing your generosity to offer a solution to such a worrying crisis.



What we do with your Donation

We reinforce the nutrition and strengthen the Education of the most vulnerable children. MAKE A DONATION

01.- We carry out food assistance activities

02.- We find and finance

03.- We strengthen the education of the most vulnerable children

04.- We educate

05.- We provide attention

06.- Moral and spiritual orientation

give us your help and you will be empowering children, youth and older adults to reach their full potential

We’ve worked on improving the lives of over 25,000 young people through direct practice.


Donation help for those in need

Why donate? In the first place, donations are vital for many small organizations like ours to be able to carry out their social projects, since sometimes they do not have the necessary resources to allow them to fulfill their objectives. In addition to allowing them to implement new strategies that promote their social impact projects.

The Ama Tu Prójimo Foundation has tried to be the best Foundation to change the lives of those who need economic stability in their lives. We also seek to restore the rights of children who have been working hard to dream big, just to stay happy. Through this, we are motivated to build a society where children do not even suffer from poverty and suffering.

MAKE A DONATION wholeheartedly to our charitable foundation in Venezuela, and thus you will be able to grow the well-being of low-income children.

Our main goal is to promote the growth of marginalized women to ensure good health and enable them to live a precious life. Approach one of the best charitable foundations in Venezuela and win the smiles of thousands of people. Let us unite and make a collective commitment that we will do everything possible to change social conditions dominated by anxiety and selfishness that do not yield to pride.
Together, we can empower disadvantaged children to transform their lives through relevant education. Join us in putting a smile on the faces of underprivileged children and help them take their first steps in education and progress in life.

It is important that all of us in this world are united, to achieve a positive change in the quality of life of our population.

Our main objectives:

Improve the quality of life of needy people living on the streets or in precarious homes, giving priority to the elderly, mothers and children; build a soup kitchen while providing moral training and spiritual guidance. MAKE A DONATION


Donate and feel our work

Our organization is very small in infrastructure but with a morally and spiritually committed board of directors we have a very big heart and good will that we give with each activity we carry out we are not co-workers we are a united family with an established horizon in favor of the most afflicted And we invite you to be part of it. Don’t worry if you don’t have time to participate directly, we can do them for you on your behalf. You just have to sponsor our activities and you will be part of the family.

Jesus of Nazareth Society

Fundadores de la obra

Oswaldo urbina

President of the NGO

The main coordinators of our work

The Faces Behind Our Success

MAKE A DONATION and have personal satisfaction for donating:

Knowing that we are contributing to a good cause and that this money will be used to help those who need it most is often the main reason to donate. Donating is at least very rewarding. If you feel the need to help and you don’t have time to collaborate personally, this is a good alternative to do your bit. Or it can also be one of the first steps you take and lead towards your own project. The important thing is to be aware and consistent: help as much as you can and where it costs you.


Reasons to donate to this NGO


As we have commented previously, donations are a fundamental part of many initiatives and, above all, if they serve to cover the expenses that both the organizations and the foundation cannot assume. The reasons can be very disparate and varied, but mainly we can highlight two above the others: Social commitment: in some way you materialize your desire to collaborate and you can channel them through this entity to seek change.


Somos conscientes de las carencias y penurias que existen, y si no tienes tiempo para involucrarte en alguna iniciativa, gracias a las donaciones podemos apoyar a quienes sí tienen ese tiempo.