About us

We are a team of collaborators, we help children, young people and the elderly to reach their maximum potential for happiness!

About us The Foundation was born at the initiative of a group of people, volunteers dedicated for more than 50 years to the service of others, together with another non-profit Civil Association, the Jesús de Nazareth Society, with which it maintains close ties, everything which are health activities marked by the deepest personal disinterest, since its members carry their own money to carry them out:

Carry out food assistance activities.

We make juiced lunches and distribute them to the homeless.

We collect food, clothing, footwear and belongings by donating them.

Distribution of lunches to deprived of liberty, in a situation of helplessness

We also find and finance

We transfer resources to people from the interior of the country to prepare soups or lunches that are distributed in various places.

Collection of dry products for market preparation that are delivered to families.

Strengthen the Education of the most vulnerable children

Weekly snacks are delivered to low-income children, who also receive school training and spiritual guidance.

We educate

Give pedagogical support classes with moral and spiritual education to children and adolescents.

We provide care

Carrying out medical assistance days with the supply of medicines

Orientación moral y espiritual

Organización de eventos, foros, conferencias de orientación moral

Fomentar grupos de estudio de filosofía espiritual con jóvenes y adultos.

About us and what we care about

Who we are and what we do

Donation help

If it is possible to improve or alleviate the lives of those who suffer the saddest story just by being poor.

Therefore, let’s help with acontribution to give thesebrothers the food they need. With much love we will help as many as possible. We all know the difficult situation the world is going through today, especially when it comes to food and health. There are many children, mothers, young people and adults who, in addition to hunger, fight every day against a terrible disease, in superhuman conditions because they cannot buy medicine.

First of all, we fight for a better future for the poor.

We are a disciplined team committed to generating a change in consciousness, we actively work in the development of new missions of aid at the service of social action with and for others.

To many of the places where governments do not reach, we seek to go ourselves to try to fill the gaps that institutions do not fill. Sometimes they are just a palliative, a band-aid with which they try to heal a great wound, but what they fight for and work for is so that, instead of being a symbolic and / or temporary help, real solutions can be given to difficulties . . . These initiatives cannot be financed alone and need a lot of help.

Who we are and what we do

About us

Who we are and what we do

About us

Putting dreams within the reach of those in need

The crisis in the world has increased exponentially and we have witnessed that many people eat from the garbage, ask for food or simply go hungry. We emphasize that in difficult times solidarity, volunteering, brotherhood and those who promote equality arise.
For these brothers who look for food in the garbage so as not to die of hunger, there are institutions like ours that we work trying to give them a place of comfort and support, filling them with love and hope; That is why we touch the hearts of good will so that they join in and alleviate the situation of these people, who lack everything, even a place to live.

Construction Of Free Dining Rooms

All social projects need resources to be executed. Ideally, each initiative has funds allocated from its early stages or even before starting up, and that these help meet the objectives set by those responsible.

However, this is not always possible. Sometimes the requirements of the projects exceed the costs estimated at first and a new injection of resources is essential. In other cases, especially when emergencies arise, the needs are those that require new efforts in this regard, the aid provided by donors makes it possible to maintain projects already implemented, develop new programs and, of course, respond

Who we are and what we do

About us