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In this website of charitable donations, you have the opportunity to fight against hunger to give and donate hope to those who need it most according to our meeting with hundreds of people in need. how, for example, the poorest children, young mothers and the elderly in Venezuela who are in extreme poverty need our urgent help.

“I want people to imagine what it would be like to live on less than $ 1.2 a day. That is the reality faced by the poorest in Venezuela today.
Charitable Giving Website

By donating on this charitable giving website, we can do things like these:

Charitable Giving Website

By making a donation to an organization like ours, you help fight hunger among the poorest people, including children from the most vulnerable communities.

Donate to a charitable cause like ours

By joining our beautiful work, you help others through the gift of your donation.

Today, many families have children who attend their schools without breakfast and many go to bed at night without receiving dinner. The problem of malnutrition that affects many of these children sometimes prevents them from concentrating on their studies. On the other hand, many schools have staff who also suffer from malnutrition. The situation has become increasingly alarming and we need your generosity to offer a solution to such a worrying crisis.

Our objetive

In the first place, to improve the quality of life of needy people who live on the streets or in precarious homes in Venezuela, giving priority to the elderly, mothers and children; Then build a house with dining rooms, thus offering a healthy diet to 1,540 people who are located in rural areas of the country. In addition, we provide weekly snacks to underprivileged children, who also receive school training and spiritual guidance. We invite you to take into account small organizations such as the sample where a large group of active, disinterested and willing people participate who day by day offer their time for free and take their own resources in the fight against inequality, malnutrition, health and human of the most vulnerable people in Venezuela.

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However, there are many ways to join this solid team that is the Foundation, therefore you choose yours, and it begins to be part of the tasks of producing real changes in the living conditions of those who live at risk and vulnerability. Your donation is essential for thousands of people. Of course, the tasks of the Foundation would be impossible to carry out without the support of hundreds of volunteers who offer Above all their time and donations to help people in need and guaranteed. . their feeding. , Clothes and shoes

Let's change our selfish way of seeing the world! Make a donation on this charitable giving website

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