Donation to charity to help people living on the streets and in precarious houses

Donation to charity
Donation to charity

Foundation Love your neighbor works for the most defenseless and vulnerable

Your donation to charity can save lives. Many families from all walks of life were pushed into poverty for the first time by Venezuela’s new economy, joining the millions who were already struggling to make ends meet with a good market for their families. These vulnerable families and individuals, often living on the streets and in precarious homes, face an impossible economy since, between bills and food, or rent and medicines, the situation is getting worse and worse in Venezuela.

Where the average income is US$12 per Venezuelan per month, that is. In any case, this would not be enough, if the international poverty line is taken into account, which is US$ 1.9 a day, so it would be necessary to “double the income to be able to survive, since when a person “ she lacks a good income for her regular access to sufficient safe and nutritious food for normal growth and development to lead an active and healthy life these would be unattainable.

Donation to charity

That is, it does not achieve enough income to cover the food basket. Thus transforming the situation into extreme vulnerability. The data shows the progress of the economic disaster and the demographic and social readjustment that has resulted in the forced migration of five million Venezuelans. Which means that the income received is insufficient to cover the food basket.

Today, many families have children who attend their schools without having received anything to eat for breakfast and many go to bed at night without receiving dinner. The problem of malnutrition that affects many of these little ones sometimes prevents them from being able to concentrate on their studies. On the other hand, many schools have staff who also suffer from malnutrition. The situation has become increasingly alarming and we need your generosity to offer a solution to such a worrying crisis.

Donation to charity

Consequently, from this harsh reality we have promoted collaboration, donate and stimulate innovation projects, help us create tangible opportunities within the reach of the most vulnerable people What is happening in the poorest communities in Venezuela matters to us.

It is truly alarming and we consider it very important to continue our work to provide these mothers, their children and the elderly with the quality of life that we all deserve, such as good food, clothing, medicines, vitamins and, most importantly, a roof over their heads. . Where to sleep. We can do something – and it could help thousands and thousands of people.

With your donation, we can provide food packages and emergency medical supplies, clothing, and shoes, help fund the construction of nutrition centers, and even help keep various street activities active in various communities. And we could do it in a few days!

So right now, wherever you are in the world, here is your chance to help with one of the most serious humanitarian emergencies on the planet – and support thousands of families and countless children in their fight for survival. Every penny we receive will go to this emergency operation – donate now what you can: 100% of the funds we raise will go directly to humanitarian aid. Together we can contribute to:  Provide food, Provide clothing, Build food houses, Strengthen education It all boils down to this: many people, boys and girls, could die in the coming months. Not because of violence or a virus, but because of the simplest thing: not eating for longer than you should. We should not wait another minute, we are going to help as much as we can – donate now:

Donation to charity

This community exists to change the world – and yet the changes we seek are often not guaranteed. But that is not the case here: we will use every penny to help the families of Venezuela. We can’t reach everyone, but for the many thousands of people who do, the difference could be unimaginable. Wherever you are on the planet, here is an opportunity to help other human beings when they need it most. Thank you for being part of this community.

This could be your first donation to our organization. But what a first donation! Did you know that the Love Your Neighbor Foundation relies exclusively on small donations from members like you? That is why we are completely independent, agile and effective. Join the many people who have donated to make this organization a true force for good for many.



Your donation change lives today