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Today, many families have children who attend their schools without having something to eat for breakfast and many go to bed at night without receiving dinner.

The problem of malnutrition that affects many of these children sometimes prevents them from concentrating on their studies. On the other hand, many schools have staff who also suffer from malnutrition.

The situation has become increasingly alarming and we are needing your generosity to offer a solution to such a worrying crisis.

Your donation change lives today

  • No one can thrive on an empty stomach
  • Hunger knows no borders: it affects all communities

Humanitarian donation Donate and work together to end hunger

2020 marked the most significant jump in poverty since the COVID-19 pandemic began, including close middle-class families recovering from the continued impacts of the pandemic.

People from all walks of life were pushed into poverty for the first time, joining the millions who were already struggling to make ends meet with a good market for their families.

These families and vulnerable individuals, often in a situation of streets and precarious homes, face an economy that is impossible to manage since, between bills and food, or rent and medicines, the situation becomes more and more acute in Venezuela.

With your help, the Salvation Army of Venezuelan volunteers is fighting problems, such as poverty and homelessness, that have worsened as a result of COVID-19.

Your donation works directly in the implementation of projects that eradicate the problem of the needy surveyed by our team of professionals in the field.


Your donation change lives today how for example

Build a school, free children from hunger, provide shelter for the elderly, these are some examples we can do with your donation

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